About GoGirvan

Our organisation is dedicated to enhancing the development of community led  tourism in order to foster the arts, culture, heritage, and science for the benefit of Girvan’s residents, particularly those within the KA26 postcode district. Our key objectives are:

Promoting Girvan as a Vibrant Community We aim to boost Girvan’s profile as a lively town with a strong community spirit. Through both digital and in-person initiatives, we strive to shape positive perceptions of Girvan among locals and visitors. Our efforts focus on preserving, conserving, and protecting Girvan’s natural and cultural environment.

Enhancing Community Wellbeing We endevour to provide, maintain, and manage facilities for recreational, heritage, and cultural activities to improve the wellbeing of Girvan’s residents and the wider public. These facilities serve as hubs for community engagement and enrichment.

Building Sustainable Partnerships We work to establish and maintain collaborative partnerships with community groups, voluntary organisations, and public sector bodies. These partnerships are essential for sustainably developing Girvan’s tourism offerings and creating new opportunities for the community.

Our Constitution can be found here.

The GoGirvan Trustees

  • Blake Stubley – Chair
  • John McCreath – Vice Chair
  • Chris Campbell – Secretary
  • Susan Jones – Treasurer
  • Chris Saunders
  • Jonathan Cavan
  • Catherine Maguire
  • Suzi Brown


Our Iniatives

  • Tattie Fest
  • The Ailsa Craig Centre

Get Involved

If you’d like to become a member of GoGirvan and get involved with our initatives please email us at [email protected]